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"I am so grateful for your hard work and tender care! Your guidance too! I feel like a new person, one who has her good health back. Thank you and love."
- MB, Bucks County

"When I first visited Monika in September of 2016, I was in great pain and unable to pursue my passions of golf and tennis, which frankly made my life miserable. Within a week of my first therapy I was able to walk pain free. After my second therapy I began to play tennis competitively again. However, the true test was yet to come... the golf swing. I was so pleased after my first work at the range, I felt great and my back held up perfectly. It is now June 2017 and I am golfing weekly and often 36 holes a day. I am a 100% believer in monthly maintenance and will continue to see Monika as it has made a huge difference. Monika is always very inquisitive and truly cares how I am doing. I love the relaxed and low key atmosphere of her office. I would highly recommend Monika for anyone who is in chronic pain looking for relief."
- Dan, Bucks County

"I have been wanting to try reflexology for sometime now and was given Julia's name from a friend. My time with Julia exceeded my expectations. Not only is she well versed in reflexology but in addition she has a Nursing background and she has been able to give me some great advice on some of my issues. Also her knowledge of herbs is very beneficial. Julia's sessions are very relaxing, soothing and informative as she works areas of my feet that need that special attention. I would highly recommend Julia to anyone who is thinking about reflexology."
- Pat S., Bucks County

"I recently had a massage from Monika and I have to say it was one of the best and most relaxing massages I have ever had. I am a breast cancer survivor and Monika has had specialized training in oncology massage which really appealed to me. The massage had me so relaxed, to the point I was not even aware that Monika had put gloves on halfway through the massage. I honestly could not tell the difference. Without hesitation, I would recommend Monika and I am looking forward to my next massage!"
- Sandy F.

"I started reflexology to improve my overall health. Even after my first visit, I was so extremely impressed. Prior to walking into the visit, I had not given Julia much information about my medical background, or prior issues, because they weren't a nagging concern for me. However, once Julia was finished the session, she named each of the concerns she had found - she hit the nail on the head for every medical issue I have ever experienced & even some I had always swept under the rug and ignored. It was as if she read my medical records, or was briefed on any complaint I had ever shared with my primary care doctors! A true mind reader through the feet. Over the years, I have spent so much money and time going to different specialists visits to diagnose and fix problems (not always with success). But, Julia managed to do this for a fraction of the cost in just under an hour. To think - if I had only found her sooner! After continuing reflexology with Julia, my body feels better, ailments have subsided, I am overall calmer, and I have a better understanding of how to help my body once I leave her office. With her combination of experience in the medical field, her education, and her kind personality, she is truly a talented health care professional that I would recommend to everyone in my life."
- Casey M.

"After a foot reflexology with Julia, I feel like I've had a whole body massage. I love hearing her comments afterwards to see what areas need more attention."
- Judy

"Massage therapy has had a huge impact on my life. I'm a 46 year old female with an active life which included walking, playing tennis and golf, and a lot of outdoor activities, but my pain was quickly increasing and changing my everyday life and making me unable to participate in the activities I loved or to simply do normal everyday activities. What started out about 10 years ago as a buldging disk in my spine spiraled into hip, groin, and leg pain leaving me at times almost unable to walk. I had tried numerous pain management options, including physical therapy three times, chiropractors, acupuncture, and epidural injections into my spine before I found Monika at Healthy Concepts. Monika worked with me and my physical therapist to figure out the puzzle that was going on with my pain. Monika has educated and worked with me to explain how complex a human body is and how every muscle and tissue works together. I started with weekly massage therapy sessions targeting the specific areas that were giving me the pain, and then moving to bi-weekly working with my whole body. Monika was able to pinpoint certain areas in my body that were extremely tight and needed attention. My sessions have been very successful. I now go every three weeks but will move to once per month at a maintenance level. I am happy to say that because of massage therapy and my continued methods of stretching daily that I am on the road to being completely pain free."
- Janene, Bucks County

"How has massage helped me? I made my first appointment with Monika after I struggled to find a solution to my chronic back pain. I consistently get a massage from Monika every other week and now I am pain free. Monika is great because she provides her clients with a holistic solution to address their problems. Recently, I fell on my tailbone while skiing and she was the one that helped with my recovery. I don't know what I would do without Monika. I'm happy that I found massage and finally found relief. It has helped me stay active, healthy and most importantly, managed my stress when times get tough."
- Ashley, Bucks County

"I'm a 55 year old male. I have several friends who regularly get and have extolled the virtues to me for years of therapeutic massage. I remained a skeptic nonetheless. Six months ago I threw my back and neck out when reaching down to pick up my coffee mug from the table at work. After watching me hobble around the office for the rest of the day unable to stand up straight or turn my head a colleague referred me to Monika at Healthy Concepts. After my first appointment, I immediately started to feel better and was kicking myself for being so stubborn my whole life. I've become a regular client and while there's still plenty of work to do, the change has been nothing short of amazing. My range of motion has improved dramatically, my posture improved, my morning achiness has all but disappeared, and I've become much more body aware... and oh yeah... it feels great too."
- Bruce, Bucks County

"I initially went to see Monika because of some issues with my back and neck related to working at a computer all day. Monika quickly diagnosed the problems and both through massage therapy and with a few simple (easy) exercises eliminated my pain and got my back and neck functioning properly again. I stand up straighter now and just feel better. I was amazed a few times when I was able to do some simple things, that I had gradually  lost the ability to do. A few examples are my ability to really look both ways at a stop sign turning my head only and not my whole upper body. I can finish a canned beverage now, while before putting my head back that far was not an option. Thank you Monika!
- Jim, Doylestown

"Congrats on your achievement of becoming a nutrition coach. I think you are awesome and know you will be very successful in everything you do. The way I was 6 months ago to the way I am now is, well, 'I thought it could not be done.' I have a long, long way ahead of me but in this short period of time you have made a great impact on my life, as I am sure you have done for many others. Be proud of yourself and always stay true to self. "
- Mary Anne, Doylestown

"Thank you for the wonderful physical relief through your healing hands. I felt I was also given spiritual balm for my spirit - it needs healing as well. You reminded me how important it is to be kind and loving to ourself. I have neglected this out of fear of making more decisions that only added to my stress. Making that appointment with you was a good decision and helped me to love and nurture my inner child again."
- Angela J., Doylestown

"Monika at Healthy Concepts is the best massage therapist that I have had the pleasure to go to. Where the majority of the ones I have seen do an OK session, Monika goes beyond that looking into what your body needs. Her normal sessions last one hour, but my first lasted about two hours. In that first hour she questioned and tried to understand my current health and physical condition and to locate where my body needed the most attention. In addition to the massage therapy, she has given me many health and posture tips. This included adjusting the seat in my truck for proper back, neck and head alignment. "
- Dan Naylor, Levittown

"Monika's own journey with Fibromyalgia gives her a unique understanding of the human body. She handles many muscular issues with an arsenal of techniques applied through her mastery of massage. Due to her massages I am no longer building a dowagers hump at the top of my back from hunching over a computer. I also accomplish so much more in my day because of new found energy! Monika has released so much tension in my body's deep tissue that I now experience muscular healing and stress relief every time she shares her gift with me through weekly massage. "
- Ann Marie, Doylestown

"I have been a patient at Healthy Concepts for the past five years and I can enthusiastically attest to Monika’s professionalism and skill as a Massage Therapist. Frankly, prior to my introduction to Healthy Concepts I had my doubts as to the necessity of getting regular massage treatments as I’d often thought of massage as something I would occasionally request while on vacation or for a special occasion. But regular massage treatments with Monika have greatly improved my sense of well-being and alleviated stress. It’s also done great things for my lower back which used to be a constant source of pain, but now hardly bothers me at all which has led to lower golf scores; more tennis victories, and less pain when sitting at my desk and using my computer in my office. Thanks, Monika. I highly recommend your services."
- Chris Serpico, Doylestown

"I always enjoy getting a massage from Monika. I usually walk out feeling lighter and like my muscles got a good workout. When she thought it helpful, she has not hesitated to refer me to other professionals who have helped me, thereby showing her deep caring. I can't wait till my next session with Monika."
- Hannelore D., holistic practitioner, designer, Doylestown

"Monika from Healthy Concepts is incredible. I have gone to many spas and massage therapists in Bucks County, but she is the first one who understands where my trouble spots are and works to repair them. I couldn't go anywhere else and receive the same top quality."
- Christi Schofield, Chalfont

" Upon meeting Monika of Healthy Concepts, I first went for Ear Candling. Then I went for an IonCleanse Footbath and then a Full Body Exfoliation. May I say, she is the most knowledgeable in all she does. I've brought my children and grandchildren to her. She is outstanding! "
- Arlene A Krause, Warminster

" I just want to thank you for always being there for me. You are my guardian angel. There are so many days and time I have been in pain and you have been there for me in a heartbeat. I would not be able to function as I am if it were not for you. I am truly blessed that you are in my life and that you are my massage therapist. You are one of the most professional, caring and dedicated people I know. If I were stuck on an island, I would definitely want you there with me. I just want you to know how grateful I am that you are in my life to help me with my back. You are the best."
- Sheri, Chester County

"Healthy Concepts is just that. I get a wonderful massage in such a relaxed surrounding that it is not unusual for me to fall asleep. Massages are geared toward what the body needs at that moment, and is supported afterward with discussions of nutrition, exercise and other healthful tips if you want. "
- Konnie McCaffree, Bucks County

" When I schedule my two hour appointment at Healthy Concepts, I go to bed the night before with the anticipation of a child awaiting the chance to blow out candles on a birthday cake! The drive to Doylestown Bucks County Pennsylvania is always a beautiful drive no matter the season of the year. When I arrive, Monika is always pleasant, delightful, caring, and patient; as I have not always arrived exactly on time. I can only tell you that when I am in that room it is as though I have been carried away to a far away place where all aches, pains, soreness, fatigue, discomfort, and dispare not only drift away; but have never existed. I always book for two hours because this is an experience that one needs to have last. It also gives the artist (Monika) the time to ask the questions she needs answered before she begins, and the time to address them all one by one. When she leaves the room after completing her masterpiece of workmanship upon me and I finally am able to rise up and dress to leave; I can only explain it this way. It is as though the Gods from ainchent Greece have decended from heaven upon me and cleansed my entire mortal soul. Oh, don't believe me, request your two hours in one visit as I always do. Experience it for yourself or treat someone else to the hands of this caring woman and you too will experience one of life's greatest pleasures. "
- Eric S., New Jersey

"Thank you so much for your lecture on my posture the other day. I know I have a long way to go BUT I'm really going to work hard to improve it. I just wanted to say thank you for the massage, I felt great afterwards and for the tough love - I really appreciate it!"
- Nancy W., Doylestown