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IonCleanse Foot Bath

The IonCleanse Foot Bath detoxifies the body and with little or no stress to the client. Used properly, the IonCleanse provides a comfortable and relaxing way to rid the body of toxins.

Why detoxify?

We are exposed to the greatest toxic load in the history of our planet. We are continuously inhaling and assimilating residues from Petrochemicals, plastics, pesticides, coloring, additives, preservatives and the list goes on. These toxins occupy cell receptor sites and hinder the body’s ability to function.

It is logical to assume that by the act of minimizing toxic accumulation in the body it could reduce the incident of ill health. Detoxifying the body has been a familiar modality to all ancient healing traditions, including Ayurvedia, Chinese and Native Americans, for thousands of years.

How does it work?

The array goes in the water with either the hands or feet and a small electrical current is produced. This current generates positive and negative charged ions by separating the water into oxygen and hydrogen and creating an osmotic field. These ions have the capability to neutralize oppositely charged particles and to pull these neutralized toxins out of the body through the portion of the skin that is in contact with the water.

Osmosis is the movement of particles through a membrane, from a lower concentration to a higher concentration. In this case, the higher concentration is the ion field set up by the array in the water.

Excerpt from Dr. Kelly (the full article is available in our office):

"Toxic metals are poisons changed into ions. By carrying its ions into the body, water treated with the IonCleanse separates entire molecules it encounters into polyatomic ionic components. Decomposition of larger molecules into polyatomic ions requires a solvent like water for them to react. These ionic components remain in the solution when the ionic water leaves the body carrying dissolved waste materials out with it. As a result of all this ionic activity, poisons that are normally slow to exit the body are dissolved in the ionic water and flushed out. These toxins are not reabsorbed because the ionic waste material in the basin coagulates into a thick soup when exposed to open air."

What should be expected?

Healthy individuals can expect to feel lighter and experience a greater feeling of well being from each session.

What are the colors?

Many colors can appear in the water even though no feet are in the water. This is due to the reaction of the array with the toxin and chemical impurities found in our geographic region and the chemicals used by local water authorities (this is why Healthy Concepts will not use tap water during your session). This said, we have observed that an individual's specific detoxification process will determine the watercolor. Some people show similarities while others have a completely different reaction. I have also noticed changes in watercolor and residue with consecutive treatments. You will also see a sticky substance, that floats or sticks to the side of the bucket, this comes from your body. IonCleanse has stated that they have seen parasites, pinworms, and a smelly purple mucous coming from patients on medication for dairy allergies.

Contraindications - who should not have an IonCleanse Foot Bath?

  • Wearer of a pacemaker or any other battery operated or electrical implant
  • Those individuals on heartbeat regulating medication
  • Organ transplant recipients
  • Anyone on medication, the absence of which would mentally or physically incapacitate them, such as psychotic episodes, seizures, etc.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Any individual undergoing chemotherapy, radiation treatment, recent surgery or undergoing medical treatment

If you have any personal/medical conditions and are unsure if an IonCleanse is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your concerns.

Other Considerations

A) If you are on medication that a blood level needs to be maintained in order to be effective. Example - blood pressure medication. Your appointment should be scheduled just before you are due to take your medications. This way, you can maintain the proper levels in your blood.

B) People with low blood sugar should eat before their IonCleanse treatment and bring a small snack for after the treatment. The IonCleanse tends to lower blood sugar in diabetics and may do so with those who are hypoglycemic.

C) If you are on dialysis, taking insulin, experience congestive heart failure, etc., we must know about these ailments and the medications and dosage prior to scheduling your appointment. Care must be taken under these situations and we will need to research if the IonCleanse is appropriate for you.

D) Some individuals who have metal joint implants have experienced some discomfort when exposed to the electromagnetic field. If this should occur, inform the practitioner immediately and the session will be terminated.

E) After your session you may need to replace the following: vitamins/minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants, electrolytes (calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium). Bring a sports drink to your session, as this may help offset the electrolytes lost.

The IonCleanse is not intended to treat, prevent, cure or diagnose any disease. This information is provided solely for use as part of a self-improvement program. The information provided is not intended to act as a substitute for medical counseling, nor does it involve the diagnose, prognosis, or prescription of remedies for the treatment or prevention of any disease.

IonCleanse Foot Bath Cost

45 minute session - $50.00