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Benefits of Massage

Nervous System

Stimulating Effects

    • Excites dull nerves
    • Increases nervous irritability
    • Stimulates peripheral nerves
    • Clears nerve pathway for improved impulse flow & balance

Sedative Effects

    • Relaxes impulses from CNS - stopping minor muscle spasms
    • Producing calming effect over large muscle area
    • Total body coverage calms & balances the nervous system
    • Released muscle tension allows for the release of repressed emotions
    • Causes thoughts to focus on the “here & now” and away from preoccupation with problems
    • Relaxes spasticity of the involuntary nervous system, allowing for a greater supply of blood to the brain & nervous system

Muscular System

Improving Tone

    • Muscles become firmer & more elastic due to improved homeostasis on the cellular level
    • Strengthen & balances weakened muscles
    • Improves circulation
    • Detoxifies the muscles
    • Causes rapid contraction of muscles - corrective
    • Balances nervous system allowing for improved muscle tone
    • Pumps Lymphatic fluids helping with muscular detoxification and reducing of edemas

Relaxing tension in muscles

    • Relieves muscular pain
    • Relieves pulls on joints
    • Removes muscle fatigue faster then resting does
    • Allows muscles to recover more quickly
    • Greater exchange of nutrients and waste for overall health
    • Allows a person to rest/sleep better for improved health
    • Allows for better structural alignment
    • Relieves muscle & joint stiffness

Adhesions & other adherent factors may be resolved to prevent/correct the following:

    • Atrophy
    • Paralysis
    • Painful crippling conditions

Circulatory System

  • Improves the quality of blood to an area
  • Improves Lymphatic Drainage
  • Lessens demand placed on the heart
  • Cellular exchange is improved
  • Blood manufacturing process is improved
  • Pressure against blood vessel walls tones them
  • Hastens blood flow through superficial veins
  • Stimulates blood flow through deeper arteries
  • Stimulation of nerve receptors causes blood vessels to dilate
  • Oxygen capacity of the blood can increase by 10-15% after a massage
  • Longer lasting dilation and flushing
  • Contraction of blood vessels

Respiratory System

  • Increase mobility of the chest
  • Promotes lung expansion
  • Relaxes uptight breathing

Integumentary System (skin)

  • Skin condition is enhanced, lubricated. Cleaned. Cooled and more supple with improved tone
  • Minimizes wrinkles in the dermal layer

Other Areas Affected

  • Increase the body’s secretions & excretions (gastric juices, saliva, urine/nitrogen, inorganic phosphorus and salt)
  • Drains internal organs and enhances their functions
  • Assists people to feel better about themselves psychologically
  • Improves performance & endurance by lowering the fatigue level during competition
  • Moves lactic acid & carbonic acids which irritate muscles & causes soreness
  • Hastens the recovery of injuries such as sprains, strains, breaks and tears by removing edema and toxic back-up
  • Reverses stress which produces vasoconstriction hormones
  • Reduces the tendency towards other stress disorders such as heart attacks, migraines, hypertension, depression, etc
  • Helps tired, aching feet and legs
  • Relieves congestion in head, nose and face from colds & sinus problems
  • Helps break the PAIN CYCLE
  • Helps insomnia
  • Promotes good digestion and regularity
  • Shortens post-convalescent time after surgery
  • Helps relieve the discomfort of pregnancy & child birth
  • Helps to relieve overcompensation that results from casted limbs and misalignment
  • Massage replaces exercise for those unable to exercise on their own
  • Restores the ability to exercise
  • Can be helpful as an adjunct to weight reduction programs
  • Increases body awareness